Answers from Questions is a small short story written by BZP member Kini Hawkeye, that centers around a short battle between an inexperienced Toa of Water named Liara, who has also lost her memories, against a Muaka cat. The story can be read here..


The story begins witha short description of a blizzard hitting a mountain range, followed by a description of the Toa Liara. Liara begins the story by mumbling about how she cannot remember anything up to just before that point, and eventually screaming into the wind that she cannot remember.

Looking up, she noticed a Muaka barreling down on her. As she recalls the name, she is hit with an emmense bout of pain, which subsides as the battle is joined.

As the Muaka forces her to roll into the snow, cutting herself on ice, she stands and speaks a single word. "Ahkraz" which summons a sword.

Eventually, after the muaka is defeated, Liara is summoned by a mysterious being to the island of Tahrek Nui. It is during this time that she learns that Ahkraz is a legendary sword of disruption, and that her Kanohi, the Legendary Imrek, is the mask of memories.


  • The Story spawned out of an idea the author's 7th grade LA teacher gave him during class after a comment, "I can't write about winter, during winter! i need a cool idea... something where i can write a fight!"
  • The story is one of three to include hints at Human Bionicles, though it's never in your face about it.
  • Initially, the Story was supposed to be part one in a series. However, due to life problems, and a mixture of other ideas, an epic, Entitled Hurricane, is replacing the idea for a series.
  • The story continues a trend of the author's. Using extremely vivid description towards the begining, before getting into the story.
  • The setting of the story can be comparable to Kopaka's own fight against a Muaka in MNOLG.

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