(This page relates to the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony and is a fan name given to a canon species.)

Cuartan are a race of beings who inhabit the Matoran universe.

Biology and AppearaceEdit

Cuartan are large, burly beings with four arms. They possess great strength, but also have the ability to draw on the emotions of those around them, turning them into energy. Because of this, a squad of Cuartan are quite a force to be reckoned with, as each soldier can draw off all his teammates.

History and CultureEdit

Originating from a portion of the Southern Continent, the Cuartan are a warrior race. Nearly every aspect of their culture revolves around battle and the art of war. They are, however, not a race of mere brutes, as one of their most prized virtues is honor in battle. This involves such things as, never fighting an unarmed opponent, never killing an opponent who has surrendered, and never fighting someone who is already injured.

Every Cuartan village and city centers around a battle arena where matches are duels are fought. These duels are often held in memoriam of fallen heroes, festivals, or for purely entertainment purposes.

The Cuartan also practice dozens of forms of martial arts, the most common and well-known of which involving the race's distinctive wrist blades.

Notable CuartanEdit

  • Unnamed member of the Organization of Mata Nui; wielded a multibladed axe
  • Hunjer, member of the Flying Foursome