Energy From A Star is an abandoned series of epics by BZPower member Ruhannitasticness (author's most recent username). The series began on May 28, 2006. It followed the adventures of the Toa Inika/ Toa Nuinka (them becoming the Toa Nuinka is non-canon) and later, the Toa Kal. The different villians throughout the series were the  Toa Makuta, Makuta, Sentrakh, The Shadowed One, Sunari, the Zuyato, Woka-Nui, Ruhann and Azuakk (mainly) and much more.

Books: #1: Colour Scene

           #2: The Shadow War

           #3: Past

           #4: Star of Nui

           #5: Reign of Shadows (written over 2 years before the story serial (did LEGO steal the title?))

           #6: Aquadox

           #7: The Farthest Light (started but abandoned)

           #8: ? (planned but never written)

           #9: ? (planned but never written)

P.S. If you are Ruhannitasticness and you are reading this PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR SERIES! I WAS A HUGE FAN!