Ferrar is a Toa of Stone and a friend of the Toa Mata, particularly of Onua.


Ferrar was one of the Toa who came to Huna Nui to help fight in the Aquaton War and was among those who blocked the invading army's escape. Some time after the war, Ferrar was captured by the Visorak and kept by Sidorak as a trophy. After being freed and cured by Toa Lewa, he aided in the defeat of the Visorak swarm and has since returned to his home.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Ferrar commands the power of stone and wears a Great Kanohi Matatu. He often combines the two to devastating effect. It is unknown what Toa tool he wields, if any.


Ferrar, at some point in his life, knew the Matoran Velika, and knew him well enough to know his habit of speaking in riddles. Whether this means he knew the Matoran before he was shipped to Karzahni or that they met on the Southern Continent is unknown at this point.