Kole was a Glatorian that spawned on Le-Clysmax with his brother Mahkii in the Year 16. When Clysmax shattered, he was separated with his brother and fell into one of the planetary faults. His fate is unknown


Kole was spawned on Le-Clysmax alongside his brother, Mahkii, late in the Year 15. The two soon began to work on the experimental force fields being developed on the fragment.

In the Year 23, Clysmax shattered, leaving Kole and Mahkii on separate fragments. Kole attempted to rescue a group of Agori trapped on a ledge of one of the cracks, but ended up falling towards the core of the planet and vanishing.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Mahkii has described his brother as looking very much like him, but taller and stronger and with blue eyes instead of Mahkii's green. His helmet is said to resemble that of the Glatorian Vastus from the Core Universe.


  • The fate of Kole is currently unknown; though it is more or less confirmed that he may be alive.