The Menirun Resistance is a group featured in the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony.


The Menirun Resistance sprung up during the reign of King Yuniro in the Menirun Republic, in responce to the king's intent on expanding his territory. This sparked a civil war within the nation that raged for a number of years.

The resistance relied mostly on guerilla war tactics, striking at the loyalist army fast and hard and leaving before the loyalists could retaliate. It was a few decades into the war that a brigade from the resistance discovered a piece of ruined Vehle technology, a portal that lead into the Zone of Darkness. Thanks to a few brilliant minds within the resistance that were able to reverse engineer the portal, the resistance set up the MERAH (the Menirun Resistance Army Headquarters) within the Zone and set up a number of portals to various location around the republic. They were also able to set up a single gigantic portal that could open anywhere they wished, allowing for quick troop deployment should the need arise.

The resistance was led by one Menirun known as Yasec, who ran the resistance army with efficiency and fairness. It was he who asked the Toa Tedra to join the resistance when they returned with one of the Crystals of Catastrophe.

Thanks to the Crystal and the Toa Tedra, the resistance was able to deal a final, fatal blow to Yuniro's war efforts.

Notable MembersEdit