Nyokah is a Toa of Lightning and is currently one of the Toa of Huna Nui.


Not much is known about Nyokah's past. At some point, she was captured by the Visorak, mutated, and placed in stasis as one of Sidorak's trophies. Upon being freed and cured by Toa Lewa, she aided the Toa Mata in defeating the Visorak swarm. She was one of seven Toa selected by Mata Nui to guard Huna Nui after the Toa Mata left. As of now, her team has yet to pick a name, though it is unlikely that they will choose the title "Toa Huna," as none of them are native to Huna Nui.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Nyokah commands the element of lightning and wears a Great Kanohi Kadin. She also wields her Electric Lash, though which she channels her elemental powers.


Other Toa of Huna NuiEdit