Scythe-class Interceptors, commonly known as "Scythes" or simply "Ice Fighters", were an interceptor-type aircraft used by Ko-Clysmax from the Years 305-411 for their air attack force. While effective, the Scythe eventually became outdated and was replaced with newer, more reliable aircraft such as the DarkFly.

The Scythe saw its first action in half a century when the Ice King offered the remainder of the fleet to the corrupt executive Za'gnok for his nefarious purposes in the Year 469. All of the fighters were destroyed in the battle, leaving the Scythe all but a memory.


Scythe-class Interceptors had a "flying wing" design with a circular cockpit in the center, and a trademark jagged structure on the back of the wing, which, while fitting for the Ice Fragment, also helped earn its nickname the "Moth".

Unlike most Clysmax aircraft, the Scythe was not produced with a forcefield standard on all Fragment aircraft. When the Ice King discovered this, he ordered the designer of the craft executed immediently, and quickly saw to it that all currently manufactured Scythe interceptors be fitted with forcefield generators.

The Scythe was given a moderate amount of weaponry, with medium-strength torpedo warheads and Freezer rapid fire defenses.


The Scythe-class began production in the Year 305, where it proved its worthiness by taking out a squad of Ta-Clysmax Heaters with maximum efficiency. The Ice King ordered a fleet of five-hundred interceptors, but halted manufacturing when he discovered that the craft lacked a forcefield generator. After executing the designer, he ordered forcefields installed on all Scythes and cut the maximum amount to two-hundred.

The Scythe would remain the dominant interceptor for over a century, until newer aircraft such as the Ta-Clysmax Burner and the Onu-Clysmax J-Type proved superior to the craft. As new designs for more efficient aircraft were made, the Ice King grounded all Scythe fleets and quickly had them replaced with the newer and deadlier DarkFly.

In the Year 469, the Ice King offered minimal services to Za'gnok, a corrupt Promathus executive, as a return for the Tjuun's multiple favors. Obviously unwilling to send his best aircraft, the Ice King put the final fleet of Scythes back in action for Za'gnok, who knew little of Ko-Clysmax military. The Scythes, which had been rusting in a hangar for fifty years, were extremely unreliable. Their forcefield generators were inactive, and the torpedo warheads had been removed for use on the DarkFlies, leaving the remaining Scythes rather ineffective. All of the fleet was destroyed by the APAA's attack on Za'gnok's neighboring fragment, eliminating the last of the interceptors.