Tahlis is a pet Brakas monkey and belongs to the Skakdi Cedrak.


Tahlis was living on Zakaz when the Skakdi civil war broke out. As Cedrak was trying to escape, a stray set of eyebeams caught him across the shoulder, causing him to drop from the trees. Cedrak spared a few seconds to heal him before rushing away again. Tahlis followed, and when Cedrak was caught by another Skakdi, he managed to distract him long enough for Cedrak to get up and get going. He went with Cedrak and was rescued by the Toa Veta.

When Cedrak left Veta Nui, Tahlis went with him. He saw many of Cedrak's adventures, including when he rescued the Great Being Unremitting Truth.

When Cedrak came upon Toa Lestra, Tahlis help his master dispatch of the blood wolves that had cornered the Toa. He went with his master as he and Lestra travelled together and watched as Cedrak was killed. When Cedrak was revived by an unknown being, he went with his master to Anzer Rhun and then later to Zeriger. He later went with his master to Tedra Nui and has settled there with Cedrak and the Toa Tedra.


  • Tahlis has been largely responsible for the running gag, "the face-clinging Brakas," in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's work.


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