Tales of the Nui-Matoran is a short story series written by Repicheep - Toa of Irony. It centers around several Matoran, called Nui-Matoran, who have been granted powers by the Brotherhood of Makuta as they try to stay hidden and alive while the Brotherhood hunts them down. The series takes place in the same world as Repicheep's other works and introduces some characters and concepts that have made their way into his other works. Repicheep has stated that he plans to write a sequel epic to the original series, but has stated that it is currently low on his priority list.


The first in the series is "Frostbitten Fugitives."

The second is "The Immortal Matoran."

The third is "When Memory Knocks."

The fourth is "The Mind of a Miner."


BGC = Before the Great Cataclysm

3502 BGC

- Several Matoran are kidnapped and subjagated to experiments by the Brotherhood

3493 BGC

- Nui-Matoran placed under various Makuta's care

3483 BGC

- Order sent out for Nui-Matoran's death

- Zerrek and Raeser escape Tedra Nui

- Other Nui-Matoran escape their guardians

3464 BGC

- Zerrek and Raeser arrive in Algiren

- Ihar breaks Pereti out of prison

- Kyueni and Taluu find Nixan in Umai

- Dark Hunters find Oruni and Tohra in Aleris