The Mind of a Miner is the fourth installment in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's series, Tales of the Nui-Matoran.

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The story begins as two Matoran friends, Oruni and Tohra, go to work in the mines of Aleris. After a day at work, the pair return to their apartment in the city and, after the pair had cleaned off, Oruni activates his technopathic powers and teleports the pair of Nui-Matoran into their secret lab. Later, Tohra leaves with his girlfriend, Nefura, leaving Oruni by himself. As he tinkers with a new invention, he decides to switch jobs to somewhere he can use his powers discretely.

The next day, he transfers to the repair shop just outside the mine and near where his friend Kaisha works. As he is leaving for a lunch break, an earthquake rocks the mine. A telepathic voice tells Oruni that it knows who he is, that it is holding Kaisha hostage, and that she will be released if he hands himself over. Tohra and Oruni then use Oruni's teleporter to reach the voice, Oruni riding in his latest invention, the Exo-Matoran.

The pair fight the pair of Dark Hunters they find there, Riasek and Rohrer, and rescue Kaisha, but not before Rohrer struck with another earthquake. After recovering from the quake, the Nui-Matoran carry an unconscious Kaisha out of the mines, rescuing a few dozen trapped miners along the way. At the end of the tunnel, the Nui-Matoran are confronted by some of Aleris' Toa. After assuring them of their good intentions, Tohra and Oruni teleport back to the lab and let Kaisha rest in a healing unit that Oruni had built. It is at this point that Oruni realizes that he is in love with Kaisha.

The Dark Hunters are then seen walking through Aleris' sewers to talk to their employer, who informs them that he has other uses for them and they should remain in the city.


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