The New Age is an epic written by BZPower member rawr. based on an alternate reality in which Makuta and Mata Nui both die in the battle over Bara Magna, leaving Tren Krom to take over and recreate Spherus Magna before turning his attention inside and dealing with internal 'problems'.

Book 1 - ReawakeningEdit

Main Timeline

The main timeline starts 20,000 years after the events of The Sealing, when Tahu is mysteriously awoken and seeks to find the other Toa in his team in an attempt to stop the shadowy tyrant who has control of the Onu-Matorana and Po-Matoran, and is using them to terrorise the city of Metru Nui.

Flashback Timeline

The flashbacks of Book 1 (with the exception of the first two, which follow Turaga Vakama witnessing important moments in the storyline's history) focuses on the Toa of Plasma, Takut and the Reaper and Guardian pair, Tana and Eko as they are forced out of the Matoran Universe by the Sealing, fleeing to Spherus Magna. But they are not welcome there, and thus attempt to get back home.

Book 2 - RebirthEdit

Main Timeline

The main timeline in Book 2 picks up two weeks after the events of the first one. Takanuva tells the rest of the Toa that a mysterious 'friend' has informed him that the whole universe is going to die unless him, Tahu, Gali , Lewa, Kopaka, the Matoran Bodam and two identical Skakdi of Magnetism named the Twins can stop it. Although he does not mention why, how or when the universe will die, or why they are the only ones who can save it, how they are supposed to save it or where they must go to do so.

Flashback Timeline

Book 2's flashback timeline tells the story of Takanuva waking up many years before the rest of the Toa and doing the bidding of the strange 'Tal', most likely in preparation for the events of the main timeline.

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