The Scourge of the Visorak is an epic written by Repicheep - Toa of Irony, known here as Repicheep22. It was the first in his series, The Chronicles of Huna Nui, and the only epic in the series thus far. The story takes place in Repicheep's alternate universe, where Mata Nui has turned the Toa Mata into his personal fighters, sending them wherever in the universe he thinks they are needed most. The Toa Mata have made the island of Huna Nui their home for just over a thousand years, first arriving just in time to stop an invading army of Aquaton. The Aquaton War provides a backstory to the main plot and is a source of additional character development for the Toa; various aspects of the war are revealed in several flashbacks.

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Lead by Sidorak and his viceroy Elkana, the Visorak swarm has arrived on Huna Nui. The Toa Mata fight back, but are unable to drive the swarm away. Lewa gets captured and mutated, becoming a Toa Hordika. Two Order of Mata Nui agents, Ziran and Torbran, who are stationed on Huna Nui reveal themselves to help the Toa fight against the swarm and provide a cure for Lewa's mutation. Throughout the story, there are a number of flashbacks to the Aquaton War.

  • Tahu remembers help arriving in the form of Makuta Antroz and legion of Toa.
  • Kopaka remembers meeting and falling in love with Toa Atuuh.
  • Lewa remembers befriending and training a rookie Toa named Narthex.
  • Pohatu remembers Amphibax betraying the Aquaton army.
  • Gali remembers the final battle in the war.

The Toa and Order agents then form a plan to cripple Sidorak's army and disperse it. They gain the help of most of the island's Rahi (thanks to Ziran and Torbran) and several dozen Toa that have been held in stasis aboard Sidorak's floating fortress. In the end, Mata Nui reveals that it is now time for the Toa Mata to move on. He then instructs a new team of Toa, assembled from those held in stasis, to protect the island in their stead.


  • Ga-Huna
  • Le-Huna
  • Ko-Huna
  • Onu-Huna
  • Po-Huna
  • Ziran's cave



  • Toa Mata
  • Sidorak
  • Antroz (flashback only)
  • Amphibax (flashback only)

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The story continues a running gag in the Bionicle stories of having Lewa be the one to fall to a corrupting force, used in canon when he came under the influence of a Infected Kanohi and a Krana.

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