The Tales of Shika Nui is an action-adventure epic written by BZPower member TNTOS and is the first epic in the trilogy of epics known as the Shika Trilogy, with Tapesty of Evil being second and the yet-to-be-released An Unlikely Alliance the third and last epic.

Six Matoran thieves are suddenly transformed into Toa by the power of stolen Toa stones. With their new powers, they are forced to battle the Dark Hunters that have enslaved the Matoran of Shika Nui for 25,000 years, all the while solving a bigger - and deadlier - mystery that awaits them all . . .

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Synopsis Edit

It has been 25,000 years since the Dark Hunters had taken over the island of Shika Nui, killing off its local Toa team and Turaga leader, Turaga Ujat. They enslaved the Matoran and built a huge fortress in the center of the island, where they began digging for the so-called "ancient wall of protodermis," where great riches are said to be stored. That is, in fact, the whole reason the Dark Hunters took control of Shika Nui, even though they have still yet to break open the wall itself despite having hundreds of workers, Matoran and Dark Hunters alike, working on it day and night.

Meanwhile, Toa Joha, the last surviving member of the original Toa Shika, has been waging a one-Toa war against the Dark Hunters the last 25,000 years but has had little to no success. He soon realizes that one Toa alone would not be able to defeat the Hunters, but perhaps a whole team could, or at least give them quite a bit of trouble. So he created six Toa stones, intending to give them to six Matoran villagers and then train them up to be great Toa.

But before he can deliver the stones, a Matoran thief known as Addis manages to break into his cavern home while he was sleeping and stole all six of the stones! Joha searches his home desperately for the Toa stones yet could not find hide nor hair of them and concludes they were stolen by someone, though who he didn't know.

As for the thief, Addis heads back home to an abandoned Dark Hunter fortress to show his other thief friends - Akuna, Barilo, Chimoy, Nastan, and Nonzra - what he has just stolen. Unaware of what the stones really were, the six theives decide to sell them, but as soon as each one of them grabs a stone, they are transformed into the Toa Shika, much to their surprise.

The new Toa are surprised by their sudden transformation, but have little time to ponder this, for they soon come into contact with two Dark Hunters chasing an apparently disobediant Matoran. The Toa Shika manage to defeat and capture the two Hunters and save the Ta-Matoran, whose name is Jokao. They allow him to stay with them, since the Dark Hunters would probably kill him if he tried to return to the slaves.

The next morning, Addis finds that the two Dark Hunters they had captured,  Tyu and Kigin, had managed to escape. He decides that the two Hunters had gone back to the main fortress to inform the others about the discovery of the Toa Shika. Realizing what that meant, Addis informs the other Toa and Jokao about the escape and they leave the hideout, taking all of their loot with them.

Meanwhile, Tyu and Kigin had reported back to Icetraz, the leader of the Dark Hunters of Shika Nui. He was at first skeptical when they claimed they had been attack by Toa, but he gave them a team of Hunters to go and find the Toa anyway, just in case. He knew how much trouble Toa could be, and if there really were six Toa on the island then they needed to be eliminated immediately.

Elsewhere, the Toa Shika and Jokao found an isolated area near the beach to sleep for the night. Barilo, however, could not sleep, since he knew the Dark Hunters would be searching all over the island for them now that they were aware of their existence. He decides to test out his new gravity powers on a nearby rock, but fails. So he digs through their loot and finds a axe, which is labeled "gravity axe." He slices the boulder in half and discovers that his new weapon has gravity powers of its own. He then decides to go back to sleep, confident that maybe he didn't need to train much after all with his axe.

Kigin and Tyu, along with five other Dark Hunters, storm the Shika Hideout but find that it is empty. Tyu, however, notices a trail of gold leading in the direction of the beach. He realizes that the trail must have been left behind by the Toa and tells the other Dark Hunters about. They all begin following it, knowing that it would obviously lead them straight to the Toa Shika and Jokao.

The next morning, just outside the campsite, Nastan is testing out his elemental powers over plants but cannot break the tree he was testing it on until Addis fires a ball of plasma at it, blowing it up. Addis then informs Nastan that Jokao is ready to tell them why he was running from Tyu and Kigin in the first place, so they return to the camp to listen to Jokao's tale.

Jokao tells the Toa Shika that he had been planning to stir up a rebellion among the Matoran against the Dark Hunters and had been traveling between villages when he should have been working. He told them that Tyu and Kigin had chased him because he hadn't been working, not because he was leading a rebellion, something that the Hunters were not aware of, according to him. Jokao then assumes that the Toa Shika will defeat the Dark Hunters and free Shika Nui at last.

However, Barilo tells him that they are not going to do that and plan instead to use their new Toa powers to become even greater thieves than before. They then get into a brief discussion about what their own personal destinies may be, which is ended when Addis and Chimoy decide to bury their loot in the proto forest, since they can't keep dragging it along with them if they're on the run from the Dark Hunters.

Just as Addis and Chimoy finish burying the last of the loot, they are ambushed by seven Dark Hunters, lead by Tyu and Kigin. The Toa Shika are forced to fight the Dark Hunters, but are easily defeated by the more experienced fighters. The seven Hunter decide to sleep there for the night and take the Toa and Jokao back to the fortress for imprisonment in the morning. So they tie up the Toa and Jokao to a tree and rest, while Giho and Yhio stand guard to make sure that their captives don't escape in the night.

In the morning, the Dark Hunters chain the Toa and Jokao together to make sure they don't run off while they take them back. Addis tries to escape, but is severely beaten by the Hunters, which discourages any other attempts to escape. The prisoners are taken into the proto forest in the direction of the fortress, while Nonzra begins to think of a plan of escape. He decides to try out his mask power, though since he did not know what it was there was absolutely no way to tell what it would do. Still, he figured it would be worth a shot anyway.

Upon activating it, the mask turns out to be a Mask of Summoning, which summons hundreds of brakas monkeys that distract and confuse the Hunters, allowing the Toa Shika to escape. When the Hunters finally get rid of the monkeys, they find that the Toa Shika and Jokao are nowhere to be seen.

The Toa Shika and Jokao keep on moving deeper and deeper into the forest until they've reached a spot that seems safe. They stop to rest, while Addis questions Nastan on the odd behavior of the brakas monkeys earlier. Nonzra then tells them that he had used his mask to summon the monkeys, which then prompts Barilo to ask whether they should leave the island or not. Addis decides that they should not, since they are in no position to escape without being spotted by the Dark Hunters. Akuna then suggests that they all try out their mask powers, since they have some control over their elemental powers already. The others agree and begin testing their masks immediately.

Over with the Dark Hunters, Tyu, after flying above the trees for a bit, informs Kigin and the others that he could not find the Toa. Kigin sighs, but tells him they'll keep searching anyway, since he doubted Icetraz is very forgiving of failure.

The Toa Shika have finished testing their masks, but Barilo's Kanohi Volitak, the Mask of Stealth, gives Addis an idea. He suggests to Barilo that he infiltrate the Dark Hunter fortress to try to steal any valuable information on the Dark Hunters that he could get. Barilo agrees to the idea and leaves to find the fortress. The others follow, planning to act as backup in case Barilo is captured or seen.

Soon Barilo finds the Dark Hunter fortress and manages to successfully sneak in. He explores the inner areas of the castle for some time before finding a room that has what appears to be maps, bios of the Dark Hunters, and an ancient legend that speaks of an "ancient wall of protodermis" that was supposed to be hidden beneath Shika Nui. Barilo closes the door behind him and turns off his Volitak, since he believes that he does not need his mask right now. He then starts to read the legend of the protodermis wall, which he finishes and puts in his bag, just in case he needs to show it to the others later.

When he turns around to leave, he notices that the door is opened, even though he knew he had closed it. He tried to close it, but was stopped when someone behind him put a dagger at his neck. She reveals herself to be a Dark Hunter and questions him on what he was doing here before deciding to take him to Icetraz. Since he has no choice in the matter, Barilo is lead toward the inner most chamber where Icetraz lives.

On the trip there, Barilo is suddenly contacted by a Makuta, of all beings. The Makuta explains that he linked their minds together so they can communicate and also plans to help Barilo escape. Barilo decides to trust him, since he doesn't seem as evil as other Makuta that the Toa of Gravity had heard about in the past, and so listens to the Makuta's suggested plan even as he is taken to Icetraz himself.

Outside the fortress, the other Toa Shika and Jokao are hiding in the trees surrounding the Dark Hunters' headquarters. Nonzra worries that Barilo won't be able to get out, since the place is heavily guarded, while Jokao remarks that he would not want to cross the path of a particularly large Dark Hunter that they had just seen break up a fight between three other Hunters.

Back in the fortress, Barilo finally meets Icetraz, who sentences him to death. However, Icetraz decides to put off Barilo's execution until tomorrow once he hears the news that a Brotherhood of Makuta sea vessel was seen off the shores of Shika Nui sinking Dark Hunter ships. Icetraz leaves to personally sink it and capture the Makuta who is supposedly piloting it, while Yehiku, the female Dark Hunter who had captured Barilo, tosses the Toa of Gravity into a prison cell where he will wait until his execution.

Once Yehiku leaves, Makuta Hajax, the Makuta who had contacted Barilo, uses his magnet powers to free Barilo from his cage and Barilo, using his Volitak,  sneaks out without being seen.

As Barilo made his way past the Dark Hunters, he wonders where Hajax is and contacts him via their mind link. Hajax explains that he does not have a physical body any longer, since Makuta Icarax and Makuta Gorast had pierced his armor many years ago when Makuta Teridax took over the Brotherhood, since he had not been loyal to the Plan. His essence managed to survive, though, and he possess a robotic super Vahki - personal servants of the Dark Hunters - as his safe refuge until he could find a more suitable body of some kind. Satisfied with Hajax's story, Barilo asks him if he knows a safe way out and Hajax informs him of the western entrance, which is guarded by a very dull Dark Hunter according to the Makuta.

Barilo doesn't go more than two steps toward the western entrance when an alarm goes off, which meant that they knew he had escaped. Though hundreds of Dark Hunters pour into the fortress to find him, Barilo feels grateful that Icetraz, in his hurry to destroy the Brotherhood ship, had forgotten to take his Volitak and so makes his way to the western entrance, all the while carefully dodging the searching Hunters.

Kigin and the other Dark Hunters are returning to the fortress. They had found no trace of the Toa Shika or Jokao and it was getting dark, so they were surprised to see all of the Dark Hunters running and shouting, evidently searching for a "Toa of Gravity." Tyu remembered that one of the Toa Shika had been a Toa of Gravity, but did not know for sure if this was the same one or not, though he guessed it was. He then asked Vawe, one of the running and shouting Dark Hunters, what was going on and Vawe told him that a Toa of Gravity had escaped from their fortress. So Tyu and the others join in the search after informing Vawe about their own encounter with the Toa Shika.

Meanwhile, after some close calls, Barilo manages to escape the fortress going through the western entrance and knocking out the single guard, who he had taken by surprise. Barilo contemplated killing the Dark Hunter, but was stopped when Hajax, in the body of a super Vahki, appeared. Barilo nearly mistook him for an enemy, but Hajax stopped him before he could attack and told Barilo that killing the Dark Hunter would be an idiotic idea, since that would give the other Hunters a huge hint as to where Barilo was. Hajax then told Barilo to go and find his friends so they could put their plan into action.

The plan itself was simple: The Toa Shika and Makuta Hajax would attack the fortress. Barilo didn't think it was a wise idea, but he trusted Hajax and decided to go ahead with it, while Hajax himself ran off to go gather his own 'allies' from the eastern edge of the island. Barilo didn't know who Hajax's 'allies' were, though he assumed they would help them take out the Hunters.

Barilo himself ran off back into the forest, where the other Toa Shika and Jokao were watching the Dark Hunters trying to find something. Nonzra thinks Barilo may have been caught, but soon the Toa of Gravity reappears in front of them, much to their relief. Barilo then explains to them his capture and escape, Hajax's plan, and Hajax himself. He purposefully left out the ancient wall of protodermis, however, because he wanted to keep it a secret until he was sure they would be all for it.

Barilo tells them that Hajax said that he and the other Toa Shika and Jokao should hide in the mountains until the Makuta had gathered all of his allies. Jokao, however, wants to stay and try to free his people first, but Barilo reassures him that if their plan goes successfully then they will free everyone on the island. So the party of seven head toward the mountains, though Chimoy himself is doubting Hajax's plan, since he does not think it makes sense that a Makuta would need to ally himself with six Toa and a Matoran to take out the Dark Hunters, though he keeps these doubts private.

Meanwhile, Hajax is making his way to the eastern edge of the island, while thinking privately to himself. He decides that he will need Chimoy to repair his armor so he may use it again, as his super Vahki body is not as strong or as powerful as his original body. Hajax decides that, outside of Chimoy, none of the other Toa were particularly useful to him and decides to get Iroko, a Skakdi assassin who was one of his allies he had mentioned to Barilo, to kidnap Chimoy while killing the other Toa off one by one until they were all dead.

As the Toa Shika and Jokao travel through the forest, they accidentally overhear two Dark Hunters talking about a captured Makuta wrecking their fortress. The Hunters also mention the wall of protodermis and the ancient treasure that is supposedly behind it, which excites the others. Except for Barilo, who had wanted to reveal it to them much later, but tells the rest of the Toa that they shouldn't go there yet. Addis agrees, since that is where most Dark Hunters are. It would completely stupid to attack it now. So, after the two Dark Hunters leave, the Toa Shika continue on towards the mountains.

On the eastern edge of the island, Hajax finally reached the location of his allies, which are rogue former Brotherhood of Makuta minions that now work for him. He searches for Iroko and finds her sharpening her sword. He then tells her to go and kill the Toa Shika, save for Chimoy. Iroko agrees to go, but secretly wishes she could be part of the team that is going to assault the Dark Hunter fortress instead. Still, she goes anyway to track down the Toa just as Hajax had commanded her.

When the Toa Shika reach the mountains, they briefly discuss whether they should actually go up there, since they had heard legends and tales of dangerous Rahi beasts who were not exactly Toa friendly. Barilo, using his psychic link, quickly asks Hajax if it really would be safe to go up there and Hajax reassures him that they will be able to take on whatever is up there. Barilo informs the others of Hajax's reassurance and Addis, being leader of the team, decides they should head up into the mountains anyway. None of them realize, of course, that Iroko, using her power of invisibility, is watching them and begins following them into the mountains themselves.

The Toa Shika travel through the mountains, completely lost, for several hours. Once it becomes night, they decide to sleep in what seems to be a safe area for the night. Nastan creates seven beds and a large tent of plants for them and soon they go to sleep, while Iroko plans to kidnap Chimoy during his sleep and then kill the others later.

During the middle of the night, Iroko lures Chimoy out of his tent and knocks him out. Then she drags him away, deciding she would take him to Hajax later on after she's finished with the rest of the Toa.

The Toa awake the next morning to find that Chimoy is missing! They wonder where he could have gone, then decide that searching for him is the best thing to do and begin their search immediately.

As for Chimoy's whereabouts, he awakes, but at first thinks it's a dream until he realizes that he's tied up with rope that feels very real. He scans his surroundings and realizes he is in a very small cave. He tries to break the ropes, but fails and so instead calls for help. Nobody answers at first, until suddenly a Turaga of Stone appears and unties him. The Turaga tells Chimoy that they must hurry up or the others will be killed. So they leave to go stop Iroko and save the rest of the Toa Shika.

Meanwhile, Iroko, believing Chimoy to be out cold, has set up a trap for the other Toa and Jokao to walk into. Right before she can set it off, however, Chimoy comes up behind her with a rock and smashes it over her head, knocking her out instantly.

She later wakes up to find all six of the Toa Shika, Jokao, and the Turaga of Stone - who turns out to be Joha - standing around her. She realizes that she cannot escape, for she has metal bonds around her arms and legs that prevented escape. Her captors question her about who she was, but she refuses to say. Barilo implies they should torture her to get the information out of her, but Joha denies this and has Addis read her mind.

After Addis reads her mind, he discovers the startling truth: She had been hired by Makuta Hajax to kill them all!

Barilo, furious about this, decides to confront Hajax about it and tries to contact the Makuta. But try as he might, he just can't talk to him and realizes that Hajax must have severed their mindlink, thus making it impossible to contact him. The others sigh in exasperation, while Iroko wonders to herself if Hajax has yet to attack the Dark Hunters' fortress.

As it turned out, Hajax had begun the attack on the fortress. Leading his forces of ex-Brotherhood of Makuta minions, Hajax attacks the fortress (which is still under construction after a Makuta named Koghi nearly leveled it a day ago), taking the Hunters by surprise. Dark Hunters and Matoran slaves alike begin to fall, but some of the slaves turn on their masters and begin fighting them, too, while Icetraz is confronted directly by Hajax, who reveals himself to the Hunter.

Iroko wakes up later, having been knocked out by the Toa yet again. She is all alone - though still bound - and remembers how Turaga Joha had lead the Toa and Jokao away to show them something he had found in the mountains. They had left her alone because she was not perceived as a threat, and it was true, she would not have been able to escape her bonds had Hajax's pet klakk not arrived and weakened them with its sonic blasts.

Freed of her bonds, Iroko plans to hunt down the Toa and finish them off for good (including Chimoy), but the klakk blocks her path. Frustrated, she was just about to knock it out of the air when she noticed that it had a small stone tablet on its back; a message from Hajax. She took the tablet, read, and then crushed it to dust in her hand. The message had told her that she was supposed to leave the Toa alone and go help Hajax fight the Dark Hunters.

However, she disregards this order completely and, after mortally wounding the klakk, begins her hunt anew, this time ready to finish the Toa off once and for all.

Meanwhile, Barilo and the other Toa plus Jokao are following Joha up the mountains, which just seem to get higher and higher all the time. The giant boulders that dotted the mountainside just added to the difficulty, though Joha, despite being a frail Turaga, is farther ahead than anyone else and seems to be quite agile. Barilo, on the other hand, decides to use his gravity powers to move the rocks out of the way to make climbing easier. But as soon as his powers reach out and tocuh the boulders, they begin falling down toward himself and the others!

Fortunately, the other five Toa use their elemental powers to smash the giant rocks into small pebbles so that they will not be crush and, once the last of the boulders is gone, Joha approaches them and explains that back when he had been a Toa he had rigged the boulders to fall if someone tried to move them with powers. Sort of a security system in case the Dark Hunters ever came knocking, or anyone else who wasn't friendly.

Iroko then chooses that moment to attack and, after a hard battle, she tries to finish off Akuna but is stopped when dozens of plants shoot up from the ground and pull her into a deep pit of plants. She immediately realizes that Nastan must be behind this and, sure enough, the Toa appears at the edge of the pit and threatens to kill her if she tries to escape. The female Skakdi doesn't believe the threat, however, and taunts him because he is a Toa and Toa, as a rule, do not kill. Nastan agrees that he won't actually kill her, but on the other hand he's not going to let her go. He wonders if he should just leave her down there, but on the other hand he knew she could probably escape eventually and would be after them again once she freed herself.

Barilo decides to solve Nastan's dilemma for him by killing Iroko using his gravity powers. Nastan, however, is shocked by this breaking of the Toa code and fights Barilo for a while before the Toa of Gravity, enraged by Nastan, tries to kill him, too, but is stopped by the other Toa when Chimoy creates bonds of iron around his body.

Addis, angered by Barilo nearly murdering Nastan, tells the Toa of Gravity that he is off the team for good and that he should get out of Addis' sight now. Barilo pleads with them that it was a mistake, but Addis doesn't change his opinion and Barilo finally leaves. The other Toa are very sad about this, since Barilo had been their friend, but they realize that there's no point in trying to do anything about it, so Joha, feeling sad himself, determinedly leads them toward the thing he wanted to show them.

At the battle of Shika Nui, Hajax suddenly realizes that his mindlink with Iroko was destroyed and realizes that she must have been killed, probably by Barilo. He then decides that now that Barilo is willing to kill his enemies, things are about to get very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

As the Toa Shika, Jokao, and Joha walk along, they all start thinking about Barilo's near-murder and how it had saddened them. Addis, having been best friends with Barilo ever since they started their group, shot a ball of plasma at a stone wall to vent his feelings, while Joha wonders privately whether he had chosen the right Matoran as Toa. He is so lost in his thoughts that he nearly trips over a stone rat, but then realizes they have arrived where he had been leading them to: An old, abandoned village devoid of any life save for some harmless Rahi that have made their home here. He tells the Toa that he found this village about a year after the Dark Hunters took over Shika Nui, but as far as he knows, no one else is aware of its existence besides himself and now, the Toa Shika and Jokao.

The village feels evil and wrong to the Toa and Nonzra says he would rather take his chances with the Dark Hunters than stay here. But Joha insists that he still has something important to show them and continues leading them on toward the main temple of the village, which is in the shape of a mask that none of them had ever seen before.

Joha leads them into the temple, where they discover an odd poem written by someone named "Oggak." They puzzled over what the meaning of the poem could be and Joha admits that he had brought them here because he thought that they were clever enough to solve it, though they evidently weren't, or at least had a hard time of it. Jokao suggests they should go outside to think over what it could mean, but just as they were about to leave Chimoy accidentally falls though a secret door and into a dark tunnel, crying out just before disappearing.

The others realize that Chimoy is missing and immediately begin inspecting the wall where he had been earlier. Jokao finds the same switch Chimoy had used to get through and then he, the Toa Shika, and Turaga Joha had flung inside and land on Chimoy. After untangling themselves, they decide to explore the tunnel to see if they could find anything like treasure, for example.

Back at the Dark Hunter fortress, Icetraz and Hajax are fighting one-on-one, but Icetraz easily manages to stun the fragile body of the super Vahki and, after taunting Hajax, shoots a Cordak missile at him, which blows Hajax's body up. Icetraz decides to go help his fellow Dark Hunters, but does not realize that Hajax's antidermis essence managed to escape the super Vahki unharmed and was already going to retrieve a brand new body.

Meanwhile, Barilo is wandering aimlessly through the mountains, brooding over the fact that he had just lost his friends and wondering what to do now that he was all alone. He decides that he will need to redeem himself in the eyes of his friends and to do that he believes he will need to defeat the Dark Hunters. So he begins to travel to the Dark Hunters' fortress, ready to confront both the Hunters and Hajax, too.

As for Hajax himself, his essence floats down into the bottom most area of the fortress, where he finds Makuta Koghi - the Makuta who had earlier been captured by the Dark Hunters - frozen solid in a thick block of ice. He contacts Koghi via telepathy and offers to break him free in exchange for becoming allies. Koghi quickly gets over his surprise that Hajax is alive and begins debating with himself whether to ally with the Makuta of Shika Nui or not, since Hajax had been against the Plan in the first place. He then decides to team up with Hajax, at least for now, and Hajaxt tells him that some of his Rahkshi and Visorak are coming to free him.

At that moment five Vohtorak and ten heat vision Rahkshi break into the room and quickly free Koghi through a combination of their powers. Once Koghi is free, he thanks Hajax, but is soon betrayed by the Makuta, who steals his body and forces his essence out. Koghi's essence is then destroyed by a combined effort of the ten heat vision Rahkshi on Hajax's orders not long after he steals Koghi's body. Then Hajax orders the assembled Rahkshi and Visorak to join him back at the surace, where they shall defeat the Dark Hunters.

Barilo, meanwhile, is still traveling to the Dark Hunters' fortress. Once he sees the Hunters' fortress getting closer and closer, he notices a battle is going on, probably between the Dark Hunters and Hajax's forces. He then wondered for a moment if he has a conscience or not, not noticing a large ship approaching Shika Nui from the west, one that belonged neither to the Hunters nor the Brotherhood of Makuta, but to the Order of Mata Nui. He didn't know that, though, and merely ignored it as he flew towards the fortress.

Underneath Shika Nui the Toa Shika, Jokao, and Joha find a dead, dragon-like Rahi, which frightens Akuna for a moment before she realizes it's dead. They wonder for a bit about what it was doing there, but then decide to continue on and go around the dragon's corpse. Akuna wonders privately to herself what it as doing there in the first place and concludes that it was kind of creepy. Jokao just hopes that whatever had killed it was no longer around.

As they continue on, the party of seven discovers a spherical underground chamber that seemed to have been dug out by someone. Jokao discovers six dusty, dirty stasis tubes right in the middle, which have the word "Tuikas" engraved on them. "Tuikas" is the Matoran word for "fear" and for a moment they wonder why they were named that or who put them here when Nonzra realizes that the way they had came in was blocked off by stone. While the five Toa Shika try to break the stone apart to let them free, Jokao worries that they are locked in forever and that the Tuikas might wake up and kill them, but Joha reassures him that they will escape it somehow.

After a while of hitting the stone barricade with their powers, the Toa give up and instead decide to try to find another way out. It does not take long for Akuna to find a lose lightstone, which she pulls down. A new exit opens, but it sucks them up with a vacuuming force out of the chamber and into the unknown, while behind them the first Tuikas, a red and blue colored one, awakens immediately. None of the Toa know of the consequences of awakening the Tuikas, nor would they ever know for a while.

Back at the battle of Shika Nui, Icetraz, after giving Six Arms and Death orders to help some of their fellow Hunters beat back a large group of Visorak, is confronted by Hajax, who reveals he has stolen the body of Koghi to use to kill Icetraz and rule Shika Nui. They then get into a swordfight, both of whom were very good with swords.

Barilo has finally arrived at the scene of the battle and hides behind a huge boulder, planning to attack both the Dark Hunters and Hajax's forces. However, he is interrupted in his planning when the five Toa Shika, Jokao, and Turaga Joha are suddenly ejected out of a hole (which closes itself up immediately) and they land on Barilo. Once they realize who they landed on, they get off immediately and the Toa draw their weapons, but Barilo pleads for them not to fight and that he wants to be friends with them again.

Addis and Joha think Barilo's legit, but Nastan doesn't think they should allow him back on the team after he almost killed him. So, after a quick discussion they decide to let Barilo back on the team, though both Nastan and Jokao still don't trust him much. Barilo is very happy about this, even though Nastan and Jokao are still against him.

The newly completed Toa Shika now decide to fight the Dark Hunters and finish them off once and for all, while Turaga Joha and Jokao head back to Jokao's village, which isn't very far from where they were. Joha and Jokao are not strong enough to fight, which is part of the reason they're going home. Jokao also wants to rally his Matoran slave friends to rebel against the Dark Hunters.

Before they leave, Joha tells the Toa Shika that he is proud of them all and wishes them luck. He is even proud of Barilo, who is confused by this since he had acted dispicable before. Joha explains to him that he thinks that because Barilo shoved away his pride and sought forgiveness that made him a true Toa. Once the Turaga and Matoran had left the Toa Shika then charged into battle, much to the surprise of the Dark Hunters and Hajax's forces.

During the battle, Barilo gets a dagger tossed into his left shoulder by the Dark Hunter Yehiku, which makes him angry enough that he nearly kills her before realizing what he was doing and stops. With Yehiku unconscious, Barilo decides that he isn't going to bother with any of the other Hunters: he's going straight for Hajax himself, even though one of his arms is pretty much useless now.

Nonzra, meanwhile, summons 20 blade burrowers with his Mask of Summoning to fight the Dark Hunters, which gives the Toa time to regroup and make a new plan. But Nastan notices that Barilo, still badly injured from his fight with Yehiku, is running straight towards Icetraz and Hajax, who are still viciously fighting. He informs the others of this and comments how he thinks Barilo is being stupid for trying that. Addis then decides that they are going to help Barilo, since he is their friend and he doubts that he would last long on his own against Hajax and Icetraz.

Hajax, realizing that Barilo is coming, quickly dispatches of Icetraz by shattering his mind into a million pieces, but the Toa of Gravity manages to get a hit on him. Hajax, recovering from Barilo's attack, then taunts the Toa, asking him whether he had killed anyone lately. Barilo replies that he hadn't killed Iroko on purpose and that he had been driven temporarily insane by Hajax breaking their mindlink earlier. Hajax then asks him if he still isn't insane, since he is taking on Hajax, a Makuta, alone.

But then the rest of the Toa Shika join Barilo and quickl manage to actually overpower the Makuta, with Chimoy piercing his armor using his power over metals. Hajax tries to destroy them with a barrage of his strongest and deadliest attacks, but the Toa Shika are save just in time by Julok, who says that he does not want to let Hajax kill the Toa. That's what he wants to do, since he wants revenge on the Toa Sika for escaping him and the others a few days ago or so.

Before Hajax can strike Julok, however, Byki, a fifteen foot Dark Hunter, comes up from behind him and slams him to the ground, but Hajax manages to escape Byki's grasp and knocks him out with chain lightning. Hajax begins to threaten Julok, but is stopped when the Dark Hunter points out that all of Hajax's forces are dead and that the Dark Hunters are still hundreds strong. Hajax looks frantically around for any of his troops but finds that Julok is correct; none of his minions are still alive and he is then swarmed by the remaining Dark Hunters, who begin to rip and tear at his armor with their weapons and powers.

As for the Toa Shika, they decide that now that Hajax is being dealt with they should run away and fight the Hunters again some other day. They try to escape through the forest, but are stopped by a dozen beings who look like Dark Hunters emerging from the trees. One of the new arrivals wonders where the Toa Shika came from, but Addis, panicking, orders the Toa to make a break for the fortress and soon all six of the Toa Shika run into it. Upon entering, Chimoy sets up a huge, thick wall of metal over the entrance so no Dark Hunters could follow them. They run through the fortress for a while, noticing falln statues, dead Dark Hunters or Brotherhood minions, and smashed carvings everywhere. They don't encounter any Dark Hunters, which Chimoy attributes to the fact that all of them are probably killing Hajax outside still.

Upon entering the throne room, Chimoy blocks off all of the exits with more thick metal walls, while the other Toa Shika discuss their next move. Addis thinks they should find this "anicent wall of protodermis" that the Dark Hunters were after. Perhaps it has some weapons they could use to fight the Dark Hunters, he reasons. After some debate on the subject of whether they should try it or not, they finally decide to go and Barilo, knowing where the wall is, volunteers to lead them to it.

It does not take long for the Toa to find the cave which the Hunters had dug out and soon they enter it. Addis privately starts to doubt that there is great treasure or weapons down there, behind the wall. He remembers hearing a legend about an evil spirit and an army of shadow being locked away, but he dismisses it as ridiculous. Still, he becomes more cautious anyway, just in case.

After walking for a while, the Toa Shika soon find the wall itself, which is increadibly huge. They find many types of carving tools at its base, probably used by the Dark Hunters. But as far as they can tell, the Hunters hadn't opened it yet. Barilo then reads a sign that says, "This is the ancient wall of protodermis. Danger zone." He wonders what that means when a bolt of shadow strikes him from the shadows, smashing him into a wall and doubling the pain in his shoulder.

Addis demands to know who had attacked Barilo and then a disembodied voice replies, revealing itself as a guardian of the wall created by the Dark Hunters to keep intruders away. The shadow entity has no body, but is truly one with the shadows, thus making it impossible to fight. It then begins to attack them in earnest, shooting dozens of shadow bolts at them from every angle.

It seems like the Toa Shika are unable to fight it, for it is shadow itself. There was no way they could destroy the shadows, even with Akuna's Mask of Night Vision. So Addis gets an idea: It is a living being, which means it has a mind, and he could use his Mask of Telepathy to attack its mind, which he does. The shadow entity, unprepared for the mental attack, is defeated quickly, which makes the cave slightly less darker and allows them to see the wall in all of its glory.

With nobody in their way, the Toa Shika decide to open the wall. They fire their elemental powers at the exact same time, striking the Toa seal and dissolving the protodermis on the wall, revealing a huge anicent door behind it, which had been perserved by the protodermis for so many years and looked as good as new.

But before they could congratulate themselves on a job well done, the door suddenly flings open, revealing a twisting hurricane of shadow and two gigantic red eyes. Horrified, the Toa try to run away but are captured by a hand of shadow, which drags them into the realm of shadow and the door closes behind them once they are completely pulled in.

Barilo wakes up quickly to find that he and the others are in some kind of forest. The others are all  bound with shadow chains, except for himself. He wondered why he wasn't when suddenly shadow chains appeared around him, bounding him and leeching him of his energy at the same time. Nonzra wonders where they are, and is answered by an ancient-sounding voice that addresses the Toa of Sonics as "Ukio," which confuses him.

The snappish voice snaps at him, telling him not to play dumb with him, but is interrupted by another, calmer sounding voice, which points out that these Toa do not look the same as the others they had face 100,000 years ago. This just confuses the Toa Shika, but the voice (which is apparently called "Rhatara") decides to scan their minds and find out whether they are the same or not.

Rhatara reads their minds - which is excruciatingly painful for them and only Addis, using his Suletu, manages to stay conscious from the vicious mental attack - and discovers that they are indeed different Toa. He decides that they should kill the Toa and bring their bodies to Turaga Krashadi, but the second voice (named Ira) contradicts him and says they should bring the Toa alive to Krashadi and then kill them. Meanwhile, Addis tries to melt the shadow chains with his plasma powers, but it only causes the chains to constrict and sap him of more energy than before and he gives up.

Rhatara and Ira then show themselves to Addis, and he realizes they looked like Toa before falling into unconsciousness, giving into the loss of power he had experienced from the shadow chains.

But right before he fell unconscious, one word burns through his mind, a word he is not sure about, one that will haunt him forever:


Character List Edit

  • Toa Shika Addis
  • Toa Shika Barilo
  • Toa Shika Akuna
  • Toa Shika Chimoy
  • Toa Shika Nastan
  • Toa Shika Nonzra
  • Turaga Joha
  • Jokao
  • Makuta Hajax
  • Icetraz
  • Julok
  • Death
  • Yehiku
  • Six Arms
  • Giho
  • Vhio
  • Byki
  • Iroko
  • Triglax
  • Tyu
  • Kigin
  • Vawe
  • Makuta Koghi
  • Toa Rhatara
  • Toa Ira