Toa Makoki


Toa Makoki


Tow-ah Mack-oh-ki


Taconuva (Leader, resident Toa of Acid)

Neelh (Co-Deputy and resident Fire Girl)

Bektoe (Other Co-Deputy dude)

Zarok (That Dude Who Also Controls Fire)

Cyrix (Cutie wittle-AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!)

Ninjarus (Theme song: Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting)

Tich-I mean, ChibiNuva

Honuary Members

Aarde (Blind Matoran Girl)

Kohu (Enough with the Fire dudes! And Chemical Fire... Do you work in a lab?)

Toa Makoki is an epic formerly written by Taconuva (Currently ~Nausicaa~) now by Cyrix. It features the original seven members as they each arrive at Metru Nui and go through a series of changes in personality, views, and even universes as they work together.


  • The Vahki conversation in the epic was a real conversation with the members of the team in the review topic.
  • Aarde is from Taconuva's other epic, Dark Throne.
  • There are two running gags in this, most prominently featuring Neelh. One is when she gets names mixed up, and the other is when she calls ChibiNuva 'Tich'.

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