The Toa Tedra is the name of the Toa team stationed on Tedra Nui


There have been at least two teams of Toa Tedra.

The first has only one known member, a Toa of Stone named Uren. He fulfilled his destiny and gave up his power to create the next generation of Toa Tedra. He is now the Turaga of Tedra Nui.

The second team of Toa Tedra consisted of six Toa, Onric, Koth, Lestra, Tivari, Rysavy, and an as-yet-unnamed Toa of Ice. Rysavy and the Toa of Ice went on a mission, but never returned. Onric and Koth later left the island to help with the Aquaton War on Huna Nui and were later captured by Aquaton before they could return to Tedra Nui. After fifty years, Lestra left the island in order to find them. Since then, Onric, Koth, Rysavy, and Lestra have returned to Tedra Nui, and the team has gained a new member, the Skakdi Cedrak.