The Toa of Algiren are a Toa team featured in the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony.


The village of Algiren has been host to many Toa over the centuries, with very few native to the village. They have never considered themselves a proper Toa team and thus never picked a name for themselves, due to frequent changes in the team. During the time when the rouge Makuta Zerrek and the Nui-Matoran Raeser came through the village, the team consisted of six members:

They helped defend the village when the Brotherhood attacked, attempting to get at Zerrek and Raeser.

Some years later, Tsonclad and Taiyu left the village to escort a pair of Shivri embassies to the island of Xarnas and returned to celebrate Naming Day with the team. It is unknown if the others remained there the entire time, but at the very least, all six returned to the village for the celebration.