Tohra is a Nui-Matoran and a character in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's Tales of the Nui-Matoran.


Tohra was one of many Matoran kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Makuta for their Nui-Matoran project. After being put through a number of experiments, Tohra emerged as one of roughly twenty surviving Matoran who were brainwashed and sent to be cared for and trained by various Makuta. In the wake of a Nui-Matoran killing his guardian, a message was sent for all the Nui-Matoran to be put to death. When she was attacked, Tohra's mental restraints were broken, and she managed to use his powers to escape.

Tohra eventually made his way to Aleris where he got a job in the mines. By pure happenstance, he met Oruni, and the pair became friends, eventually deciding to room together. The pair made a number of friends during their time in Aleris, including a Matoran of Lightning named Nefura, who Tohra struck up a romantic relationship with. Tohra contributed a lot to Oruni's decision to change jobs, convincing him to do something he enjoyed.

On the day the Dark Hunters Riasek and Rohrer kidnapped Oruni's friend Kaisha, Tohra helped Oruni rescue her. After getting her back to their apartment, Tohra left Oruni alone with the unconscious Ga-Matoran, seeing that he needed some time alone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

During the Nui-Matoran project, Tohra's natural Po-Matoran strength was multiplied dozens of times over and was granted near invulnerability. When he came to Aleris, he took a job in the Sapphire Strip, allowing him to use his strength daily, albeit discreetly.


Tohra is a generally happy person. He is rarely without a smile on his face and finds making friends to be as easy as breathing. He is very extroverted and often ends up dragging Oruni to whatever social gathering he is attending. Tohra also spends a great deal of his time-off with his girlfriend, Nefura. He loves her immensly and is strongly considering asking her to be his Vhalentain. With regards to the Brotherhood of Makuta, Tohra merely feels grief for those who were killed or maimed during the experiments. He personally loves his new abilites, and it was only the recent events with the Dark Hunters that have made him slightly concerned about his secrecy.


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