Yuniro is a character featured in the works of Repicheep - Toa of Irony.


Yuniro is a Menirun and was elected king of the Menirun Republic, as he was immensly popular with the general populus. He served for scores of terms of office, in the end, effectivelly turning the Menirun senate into his personal puppets. During his time as king, he tried to expand his territory. After coming upon one of the Crystals of Catastrophe, he used it to power the factories and war machines he was creating to expand. At some point, the Menirun Resistance was able to get away with the crystal and slip into the hands of the Skakdi Cedrak. Yuniro ordered the crystal tracked down, as well as for those possessing it captured and interrogated.

When one of his spies within the Resistance told him of their plans to cripple his war efforts, Yuniro was forced to cut his plans short and initiate one of his many failsafes, teleporting all his factories and machines into the area surrounding his palace. He led the charge against the rebels, and would have won against them, were it not for a prison break in the Pyramid Penitentiary in Diagirr. After the freed prisoners teleported into the battlefield, Yuniro took the Menirun Negurin captive and forced her to help him enter the Zone of Darkness through the Vehle portal near his palace. He was then confronted by Toa Lestra, Tsonclad, and Tivari. He was able to defeat all three of them, but was defeated by Rhenton. Moments later, he met his end when he was eaten by the Zivon, which lived within the Zone.


Yuniro had a very congenial personality and was extremely well-liked by the majority of the Menirun population. This only changed after his war plans were discovered by the Resistance. He was also obsessively over-prepared, bordering on that of the Makuta.


Yuniro was a master of dozens of martial arts (and had the odd habit of calling out his attacks as he performed them). As a Menirun, he was gifted with near photographic memory and extremely quick reflexes. Just before he took office as king, he was able to achieve photographic reflexes, and he continued to train even after he became king. His favorite weapons were throwing knives coated with a mix of Vorzhic venom and a sedative, that would put its victims to sleep in less than a minute.


Yuniro's name was based off the ancient Roman Emperor Nero.