Zeriger is a major port city on the Southern Continent and appears in Repicheep - Toa of Irony's story, An Unnatural Journey.


Zeriger is one of the largest port cities in the Matoran Universe and is host to dozens of species. The city was built many millenia ago around an ancient Vehle construction, the Beacon of Truth. The city also has no active police force, as the inhabitants rely on the Beacon to let them know when a crime is being commited and take it upon themselves to bring criminals to justice.


Zeriger's architecture draws on every culture that passes through its port. Buildings of vastly different designs have been built in a rather haphazard layout, which confuse many a first-time visitor.

Its economy is based on and around the ships that come into port on a daily basis. As a result, the majority of the buildings are inns, taverns, markets, and other structures designed to meet sailors' and merchants' needs.

Many of the inns have a name based on a Rahi, for example: the Burrowing Burnak and the Galloping Gafna.