Zorkek is a Po-Matoran native to Anzer Rhun.


Zorkek has lived most of his life in Anzer Rhun and can often be seen with his best friend Trell. Zorkek is the impulsive, foolhardy foil to Trell's generally straight-forward approach to life. Despite this, the pair are inseperable. Zorkek will often drag Trell off to whatever adventure he has happened upon, while Trell will sometimes be successful in keeping his friend out of trouble for a few days.

One such day involved Trell teaching Zorkek how to play chehs. In doing so, he won two games in a row, but lost to Zorkek the third time, through a stroke of luck.

The next day, Zorkek met Cedrak while returning a few chehs pieces to Trell. He immediately befriended the Skakdi, knowing Trell to be an excellent judge of character. Zorkek and Trell helped Cedrak track down the Toa Tedra and went with him to Tedra Nui where they helped fight against Makuta Oriles. After seeing Cedrak reunited with Lestra, he and Trell returned to Anzer Rhun and have, assumedly, returned to a normal life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Matoran, Zorkek has no real powers, other than greater than average strength. He has, however, shown some dexterity with a pair of shredder claws.


Zorkek seems utterly incapable of taking anything seriously. He is never without a joke on hand or a smile on his face. Impulsive and a bit naive, Zorkek is prone to trouble. However, he is fully aware this and is secretly thankful to have Trell near at hand to point out the obvious flaws in his new adventures.